Viavi announced 6G program drives academic and industry research

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Written By Rohit Kumar Shaw

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6G is the speed standard for mobile networks. Adopted around 2014, it refers to a national average for the maximum peak downlink data rate on LTE and UMTS, which became the global baseline for mobile data speeds. How does 6G work?

6G Cellular Networks can deliver data rates of up to 6 gigabits per second. That’s about 1.4 million times faster than 3G networks today! If your device even supports 5G, you could get download rates over one terabit per second! These higher speeds come with better connections, fuller coverage, and lower latency.

Open6G is a collaborative research center, a space for people to engage with new ways of creating, developing, and disseminating things. Open6G hosts events and learning opportunities. want to know about what’s happening at Open6G.

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Open6G is an international cooperative research center based in London, UK. It was established by artists Grace McCausland and Vincent Bayle-Vanhaeverbeke in response to the increasing interest in open-access academic publishing and broader concerns about educational priorities within the arts field.

For the last 20 years, we’ve heard that 5G is just around the corner. More recently, we’ve been told that it’s just ten years away.

It turns out that there research in both academic and industry fields, which will be crucial to making 5G a reality eventually. i just want to share Viavi projects happening within each field so you can see how close this technology already is and what their motivations might be.

Across the Atlantic, Viavi is an establishing individual from the 5G/6G Innovation Center, driven by Rahim Tafazolli at the University of Surrey. The Innovation Center tends to cutting-edge correspondence frameworks and the critical difficulties in improving a 5G, 5G+, and 6G foundation for giving networks to future advances.

“Viavi Said that, we imagine a future where individuals and their current circumstances are associated with a continuum of AI-controlled gadgets and organizations,” said Melodia. “6G examination drives require joint effort among the scholarly world and industry. The innovation, ability, and subsidizing given by Viavi are basic to our commitments to making remote correspondences dramatically quicker, more brilliant, more energy-effective and more efficient, and safer.”

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