The benefits of using ChatGPT

Conversational artificial intelligence developed by Elon Musk's company, OpenAI, ChatGPT is an automated text generation tool that uses deep learning to produce content. It is a powerful conversational tool capable of providing appropriate answers to the questions we ask. ChatGPT can be used for applications such as content generation, chatbots for businesses, writing scripts or emails. This guide offers you the main advantages of using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, a great tool for creating summaries

Often, we don't have the time to read what is written on a subject, but nevertheless want to know the essentials, especially when it comes to burning news. You can via this article have more details on ChatGPT in terms of summary creation. Indeed, it is possible to copy one or more articles into ChatGPT or provide it with a link so that it can summarize the essentials.

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ChatGPT can view the content of some, but probably not all, web pages. The first version of ChatGPT is based on the GPT 3 “engine”. OpenAI has indicated that the arrival of an improved version of GPT 3 will be revolutionary.

Tool operating like an online chat (conversational robot), you have the possibility to ask questions in a dedicated text box like in a search engine, unlike search engines, with which only one answer is possible. The tool will subsequently process your request and respond to it taking into account the information available to it.

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ChatGPT, effective for improving the ranking of a web page or blog

One of the main advantages of ChatGPT is that it can generate additional content, some of which is not visible to the Internet user. These various additional contents can help with the natural referencing (SEO) of a blog entry or a web page on Google. The tool can also examine a website and then suggest on-page SEO improvements. These are improvements such as optimization of titles, meta tags, etc.

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence allowing the creation of complementary content

Creating complementary content to an existing text is a mission that you can entrust to ChatGPT. The tool does it efficiently. The different types of essential complements that ChatGPT can produce are: a quiz or multiple choice questions based on a text, an FAQ, a glossary for a page, etc. concerning the lexicon for a page, This is an adequate task for ChatGPT, because from the terms that it detects as useful, it will be able to draw on its knowledge bases in order to provide quality definitions.

ChatGPT, a tool that helps find topics for articles, presentations or conferences

ChatGPT is also a tool that helps with inspiration for talks, articles, etc. It allows you to suggest themes that could be good to develop. It is also possible to have him list the advantages and disadvantages of a technology, while indicating what the public's concerns are in the face of a scientific advance or an event.

In summary, Chat GPT has many benefits to consider. Not using this tool in the era of the digital revolution would be a shame. However, you must use it intelligently.

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