Fantom (FTM) price prediction for 2022,2025,2030

Fantom (FTM) Crypto, also known as Fantom Coin and Fantom Token, is a Cryptocurrency. The South Korean Computer makes Fantom. Although Fantom has a minimal selection of exchanges to trade on, the coin has a dynamic development team and a strong community. Fantom, launched in July of 2018 By scientist Dr. Ahn Byung Ik, has seen a significant increase in market cap and community involvement in the market.


Fantom is one of its kind compared to transaction speed faster than bitcoin. Its design for speed, Security, and more. The company tells Ftm has no compromise in speed and Security.

What you need to know before buying Fantom. FTM act as a governance token because the governance system was introduced in 2021. Ordinary governance propositions connect with marking necessities, cutting discounts, and ecosystem systems. Currently, FTM Coin can be purchased over many big platforms like Binance, CoinDCX, Waxirx, Coinbase Pro, ByBit, etc.

Fantom are bigger then you think

Note: Fantom is an adaptive blockchain capable of supporting 10,000+ transactions per second at 1/10th the cost of Bitcoin.

Fantom Cryptocurrency Price and Marketcap

Price Change 24 Hours+3.85%
Price Change 7 Days-8.69%
Market Cap$458,032,723
Circulating Supply2.55B FTM
Trading Volume$41,316,984
All Time High$3.48
All Time Low$0.001953
Fantom ROI+6576.78%
ftm chart 1

One year of FTM coin chart Shows that 23 May 2021 has a lower price peak at $0.2524 and it’s starting at this point rally again on 22 January highest 3.3008 at 16 January 2022 gain more than 12000% for this year starting. Fantom (FTM) is a stable coin for the cryptocurrency exchange market. Many are looking for new coins for long-term investment plans. having Rank #72 in coinmarketcap with Market Cap of $1,018,797,217.

From foundation twitted on 1 January 2022, FTM had reached 1.5 million unique addresses.

Fantom(FTM) Price Predictions: 2022 

In the first quarter of March 2018, FTM has also launched a bitcoin atm in South Korea. Korea is a very big market for Fantom. Korea has not banned bitcoin and blockchain technology at this point in time.
According to data, cryptocurrency will reach a maximum price level of 3.9$ or more. Right now fantom price is way too low if you investing right now it might be an excellent chance to get a good return in 2022, the price are based on technical analysis.


1) Is fantom crypto a good investment?

One of the first things we need to know is if a cryptocurrency is worth buying or not. The best way to answer this question is to look at the price chart. If the price rises quickly and shows signs of continuing to grow, then a cryptocurrency is likely to be a good investment.
Duly noted that Fantom is listed on Coinbase, Binance, Bitforex, Waxirx, etc. In addition, there are more market makers in FTM.
“DYOR = Do your research.”
In addition to the cryptocurrency price, we must also look at the current circulating supply of FTM coins.

2) what is Fantom tech, and how has it helped the project?

The environment, the Smart contracts, and the private and public payment integration are a few of the critical features of the project. more then 16 project are working if you want to know all project visit Their Official Website is:

3) how has the coin market cap increased for where is the project at now, and if it can succeed?

According to data, we can see that it’s not a joke in the fantom market cap of $458,089,836. It is a fully functioning project having a Circulating Supply of 2.55B FTMs, and the Market Cap is $571,143,820 and can be seen that the project is working, and I think the price of the coin will be the high price it can be fully lined up,

4) how long does it take till the coin is fully mined?

might take eight years to form now on till 2030 or more.

Final Words

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I write this story because I believe that the crypto community needs to be educated on the FTM coin and its real-world applications and real-world application of the crypto community. There are several options one can take to purchase FTM. This article will overview Fantom crypto and its relevant history and necessary details to consider before buying FTM Coin.

We recommend that you follow their Twitter and Telegram Pages to stay updated on the latest Project offerings. We are not sure if the Team has any bugs to fix yet, but there is more to come soon. Stay up to date. Their Official Website is