A cryptocurrency company accidently transfers $10.5 million to an Australian woman.

Crypto.com transferred $10.5 million to an Australian woman while processing a $100 refund.

Crypto.com doesn’t notice for seven months.

The company launched legal action in the Victorian supreme court this year and in February was granted a freeze on Manivel’s Commonwealth Bank account - which was later frozen.

The court heard that $1.35m of the money had been used to buy a four-bedroom home in Craigieburn in Melbourne’s north in February.

So, the women get the money, $10.5 million, and she spends, and for now, Court sold that house she purchased and 10% interest over then. So, what now?

As a result, Crypto.com was awarded a default judgment to compel Gangadory to sell the property as soon as possible, with the proceeds going to Crypto.com and $27,369.64 in interest and costs.

Attempts to serve Gangadory the freezing orders were unsuccessful, as she never responded to emails from Crypto.com’s solicitors.