Top 7 Coolest BMWs Purchasable Without An M Badge

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BMW has only ever made one vehicle without the M badge. It’s one thing to plan for the future, but this new car doesn’t even have an engine.

We’ve all seen BMW’s newest model, a small coupe with a six-cylinder engine and no mention of the letter M anywhere. It’s not exactly a coup to introduce a new model after you’ve established your name in the market and given that name some clout, but doing so without any indication of what you offer other than vaguely “suitable” specifications has left many perplexed.

What is the BMW E20 2002 Turbo?

The BMW E20 2002 Turbo was first released on July 26, 2021, and it has proven to be a popular vehicle among enthusiasts of all ages. The BMW E21 is the car’s successor and has many updated features that improve its performance. The vehicle was equipped with a 3-liter engine capable of producing 168 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. When it was released, it was one of the most expensive cars.

E20 2000 Turbo

The BMW E87 130i: What’s New?

The 2nd Generation BMW E87 130i has been completely redesigned, including the exterior and interior designs, performance specifications, and fuel economy statistics.

The E87 BMW 130i is a compact executive car produced by BMW from 2006 to 2010. It was introduced as the E46 compact executive vehicle’s replacement.

The new 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine produces 230 hp (172 kW) at 5250 rpm and 220 lb-ft (298 Nm) at 3000 rpm, with an aluminum block and head, standard rail manifold direct injection, and double VANOS variable valve timing. The 130i has a top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h), a 0-60 mph time of 6 seconds, and a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The BMW E30 325i

I’ve been driving an E30 325i for many years. It is a well-known and well-liked vehicle among car enthusiasts. It has so many different features that it makes it an appealing choice for people looking to buy a new car. The exterior is stunning, and the interior features comfortable seats and ergonomically designed driver controls. It also drives smoothly! There are so many reasons why this car is fantastic! Come check out if you want to learn more about how the E30 325i can improve your lifestyle.

The BMW E46 330Ci

Since 2000, the BMW 320i, 330i, and 328i have been in continuous production. They’re off-road capable, high-performance, and loaded with features. The E46 330Ci is a two-door coupe with an automatic transmission and facing forward seats. The E46 330Ci comes standard with power steering, dual exhaust, 18-inch sport alloy wheels wrapped in 255/40 R18 tires, a complete body kit, sunroof, xenon headlights, heated front seats, and headlight washers.

The E46 330ci is a high-performance BMW 3 Series from 2003 to 2007. The E46 330ci was marketed as having the “tightest turning circle in its class” and faster from 0-60 miles per hour than any competitor’s model. It weighs approximately 2,829 pounds (1,275 kg), making it lighter than most other vehicles in its class. The engine is an all-aluminum S50B32 with an M52 diverter impeller on the intake side of the block, twin balance shafts, and variable camshaft phasing.

The BMW E39 540i

For starters, it’s an iconic BMW model from one of the most prestigious brands in automotive history. Second, this sport sedan provides fuel efficiency for daily driving as well as power for long-distance cruising. Finally, its extensive list of standard features will make any driver swoon.

BMW E39 540i BG

There is a big difference between the E39 4-series and the E39 540i. The E39 540i was produced primarily by BMW but was a unique model that only came out in 2007. E39 540i car had a variety of exceptional options that were exclusive to it, such as sunroofs with retractable glass, specially designed seats for driver and passengers, an upgraded suspension system that included MacPherson struts at both front and rear axles, rain sensors on windshield wipers, so you know if it’s raining outside even when its sunny inside of the car. This illuminated steering wheel changes colors depending on how fast you’re going or how hard you’re braking your vehicle.

The BMW E38 740i

The 2001 BMW E38 750Li, first introduced in 2001, is a mid-size luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by the German car manufacturer BMW. The famous 2000 BMW 7-Series inspired its design. The E65 740iL replaced it in 2008, but production of both models continued until 2012. The first generation E38 750Li featured a V12 engine with an M62TUD1 turboshaft engine installed at the rear axle that generated 560 hp and reached over 500 km/h (311 mph). The second generation model debuted in 2008 and featured a much improved V8 engine that produced 523 hp and reached over 450 km/h (279 mph).

If you’re considering the E38 740i, you’re in luck. In this post, we’re going to address some of the most common questions and concerns that people have about this vehicle. 

First and foremost, it’s a BMW and thus a reliable car. This is important because if you’ve never owned a European car before, some driving techniques might be unfamiliar or different from those you learned in North America. These driving techniques can be found on any BMW buying guide and will help ensure happy motoring for many years.

The BMW E52 Z8

Here at e52z8, we take our user experience seriously! That’s why we’ve worked hard on building up a more straightforward and easier-to-use site than anything else of its kind ever has been before. 

The BMW E52 Z8 is a roadster manufactured by German automaker BMW. Its production years were 1997 to 2002, and it was succeeded by the BMW Z4 E89 and the MZ4. BMW E52 fitted it with a 4.9-liter V8 32-valve engine (a replacement for the original 327). The machine could produce an output of 380 horsepower, although many aftermarket tuning kits were available that could increase power up to 500 horsepower in total.

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