LandX & KlimaDAO are two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are going to be Partner Up

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Why is cryptocurrency trading popular?

Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies offers the chance to be part of a new financial revolution that could change the world for good. Crypto markets represent an exciting opportunity for investors to make a quick buck, but before you go down this road, it’s essential to understand what cryptocurrencies and trading mean. This article in our series aims to provide insight into this sector and equip you with critical facts about cryptos so you can take your potential investment as far as possible without regretting your decision later.

LandX KlimaDAO
LandX & KlimaDAO

What is Landx

Landx is a decentralized online marketplace where people can buy and sell real estate without needing agents or brokers. Landx is the solution to real estate problems such as slumlords, lack of access, no protection for buyers and sellers, costly fees, and lawsuits. Anyone created the platform to allow everyone, irrespective of location, to trade without restrictions. Landx also offers financial products like loans and mortgages, which are available on the platform to make it easy for land purchasers worldwide. With our innovative technology, you get access and a secondary income from your land using our token plans.

What is KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO) for coordinating climate adaptation projects by local governments, private companies, and individual citizens.

The first project to be implemented via KlimaDAO is the Haverhill Low-Emission Vehicle Launchpad Project in Massachusetts. Over the next year, KlimaDAO will coordinate efforts to increase the market size of low-emission vehicles and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in Haverhill. The launchpad project will focus on educating renters and homeowners about the benefits of low-emission vehicles and informing residents on how they can qualify for rebates to purchase these cars.

LandX & KlimaDAO Partner Up for

LandX is buying and resigning 400 tons of carbon credits utilizing the Klima Infinity suite. Through this drive, LandX hopes to be carbon impartial in 2022 and to keep executing a carbon-unbiased methodology for what’s to come. The receptiveness of blockchain innovation implies that LandX’s endeavors are straightforward and undeniable.

The LandX Renvesting in

  • SDG certifications
  • Sustainable farming
  • Education for land operators
  • AMR (agricultural monitoring technology)

LandX is focused on reducing its carbon impression and energizes different associations in the blockchain area to do likewise. LandX is showing others how it’s done and setting the norm for maintainability in the blockchain business.

Carbon balancing is a course of utilizing the capital from token buys to support green drives that check an association’s ozone-depleting substance emanations. Anybody can compute how much carbon they use each year and afterward resign carbon credits to counterbalance that effect.

LandX provides, many companies are beginning to partner with such technologies. One of these companies is LandX — a developer, advisor, and investor in the real estate industry. On August 3rd, 2018, KlimaDAO, a P2P leasing platform for global ocean-floor renewable energy projects, announced that it was partnering up with LandX through an equity swap deal. The outcome is that KlimaDAO will be able to invest in sustainable development while LandX will be able to secure investments from an international perspective.

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